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Last updated: March 4, 2018

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Build Up is a blog where I'll talk about effectiveness, education, discipline, and success. I'm going to claim that with hard work and right strategies you can achieve beyond what you think is possible for you. You might be not doing well in school, unhappy with your career, or just miserable with your life and the possibilities you have in front of you. Do you ever feel like people who "made it" know or have something that you don't know about? In this blog, I'll tell you what those things are, as much as I know about them.

No matter what your situation is, there are things you can do. Success won't come to you immediately, and in fact, it may take years before you start seeing the impact of the work you put in. But it will eventually come, and probably faster and more sudden that you expect.

An essential thing you need to understand is that you're very unlikely to be an overnight success. Sorry buddy, won't happen. Most entrepreneurs have good safety nets. It means two things for me: either you're going to give up and live life in "get by" mode, or you're going to strive to get opportunities and build your safety net foundation for greater successes. Building up your life in this fashion requires a lot of patience, but the good news is that there will be checkpoints, micro-successes, on your path. Along the way, you are also very likely to change your definition of success, realign your goals, and strive for something else. Adjusting your definition of success is a great thing — it means you've gotten more educated and aware about your field of expertise, and you've made a step towards discovering your path.

Success and great things indeed don't come as magic events. The process is slow, tedious, and a lot of times boring. I'm going to go a step ahead and even call it a lifestyle. Imagine we have two people A and B, who earn $50k/year and $150k/year respectively. If both of these people have everything taken away from them, and start from the same point, they'll probably both go back to their respective incomes and lifestyles after some time. That is because they have skills, knowledge, and more importantly, habits, to have what they have right now. A $50k/year person has patterns of a $50k/year person, and $150k/year person has habits of a $150k/year person. (That's why winning a lottery jackpot can hurt you.)

However, you can change your habits, despite not being an easy and straightforward process. You can strive for new opportunities. You can learn new skills. You can learn even more new capabilities on top of your newly acquired skills, and get a different lifestyle. You can build a foundation and safety net for yourself, and climb up the ladder. You can do something that I'm going to call build up.


  • Buil Up will be a no-BS blog. I will not tell you to "follow your passion" (will even tell you otherwise), to "just do it," or to buy Bitcoin. I will be giving you practical advice, action items, which will help you to build up.
  • I will not be gentle. I'll avoid using profanity, but I believe smoothing things down hurts more than it helps, even if the intentions are good. Self-esteem movement hurt more than it helped. I have two different thoughts about this: my past attitude was that life isn't sunshine and happiness, and I'll always have to work hard. However, once I put in enough work and patience, things began to change. Yes, I'm still working hard, but now I'm working to keep things I have and to build up even more. The critical point is that I got used to the process, and once results started to roll in, my attitude changed: I became content and very happy about my life.
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